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Form 20

Form 20 application and information 

Contractor/Certification of Inspection Form

In Directive 2018-0001 effective as of December 28, 2018 New Mexico Construction Industries Division (“NM CID”) will no longer be providing oil field electrical inspection services “other than for structures meant for occupancy”.  This is a result of a review of the Construction Industries Licensing Act (“CILA”) conducted by the Construction Industries Commission (“CIC”) and its interpretation by CIC’s legal counsel.  As a result of this Directive, NM CID will no longer require these specific services to be permitted. 

The result of this new Directive does not exempt Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (“RCEC”) from its responsibility of ensuring electrical services connected onto their system are safe to energize.  Public safety as well as the safety of those who work in these areas and on RCEC’s system are our main concerns.  Along with safety, RCEC must be assured that the entities involved with constructing these new services and modifying existing services are licensed to perform work in New Mexico and are qualified according to all applicable rules and regulations as previously reviewed and approved by NM CID.  Finally, as a method of validating all construction or modifications to an existing service are in accordance with applicable codes, rules and regulations, a third party inspector must inspect the service.  In order to assure electrical services energized by RCEC are in compliance in a manner similar to what NM CID was providing, RCEC has generated a new Form that has been approved by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.  

Form 20 must be completely filled out and submitted to RCEC either by hand delivery, hard copy mail or via email prior to RCEC energizing the service in reference on the Form.  RCEC will review the information on the Form to ensure the Contractor Certificate is valid and that the Electrical Contractor is currently licensed to provide construction services in NM.  The Certification of Inspection must be completed by a licensed and qualified inspector (via the International Code Council).  This inspector is responsible for ensuring the service was constructed or modified in compliance with all rules and regulations that NM CID would have inspected for.

Any questions regarding this Form should be directed to Engineering at RCEC.

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