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Potential Back-up Generator Service

RCEC’s Board of Trustees are requesting that we poll our members and see if there is interest in having RCEC provide back-up generators.  Our mission statement reads, “To provide safe, reliable and affordable electrical service to the members we serve.”  In an effort to always provide reliable power, a back-up generator would guarantee that when storms roll-in, accidents involving powerlines occur, or other reasons beyond our control that result in the loss of utility power, our members could still have electricity.  Because this is still in the “brainstorming stages” we don’t know for certain all of the details involving this potential new service but initial discussions included allowing our members to purchase or lease a back-up generator from RCEC.  Once we receive feedback from our members, the Board will decide if we’re going to pursue this endeavor or not.  Please call us at 575-356-4491 or email us at with your opinion of this and any ideas that you may have regarding this potential service. 


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