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RCEC Not Participating in the 2021 Youth Tour

During our monthly meeting of the RCEC Board of Trustees, we had to make a decision as to whether or not RCEC would participate in the 2021 NRECA Youth Tour.  We received information from the group that is responsible for organizing this event that was very concerning.   Our decision was due to the current pandemic and travel restrictions, along with those unforeseen restrictions while in Washington D.C.   For these reasons RCEC has made the difficult decision to not participate in the 2021 NRECA Youth Tour.   

RCEC has participated in this contest since 1995 and has sponsored 51 students on this once in a lifetime trip.  RCEC plans to continue sponsoring students in the NRECA Youth Tour in the future.  

Youth Tour Goals

The Youth Tour provides the opportunity for young people to:

  • Increase their understanding of the value of rural electrification;
  • Gain a better understanding of the historical and political environment of the nation's capital;
  • Learn the value of becoming an engaged participant in the political process;
  • Visit elected officials in order to increase their knowledge of how the federal government works;
  • Expand their understanding of the cooperatives business model; Improve leadership skills.


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